Our Philosophy

We from International Rescue Service

Education - Development – Quality

The IRS team created itself out of an active network of different experts (doctors, paramedics, nurses, firefighters and security experts) who pursued the common goal to establish a worldwide emergency and security service. IRS has the ambition to communicate the know-how and the international standards of the world`s top umbrella organisations of the emergency medicine section and to pass it over in the offered courses in a synergetic way. This is necessary in order to keep the education on the highest level and to perform it worldwide also in its adapted form.

Education means to have chances, formation means progress, progress generates respect !

Due to our concept to offer everything out from one organising hand and to offer the language transfer at the same time, the IRS network can flexibly respond to demands and react according to the situation. With all our activities, the human being is our top priority and our focus is the improvement of formation, know-how and (emergency) medical maintenance.



Further information

We would be glad to give you further information and references concerning our consulting offers, our possibilities to manage on-site-assignments and our extensive education and further training courses.