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International Rescue Service provides training in emergency situation management for all levels, going from non-professional helpers of the general public up to the expert.  Our training courses comply with Swiss and international standards in the medical care of urgent patients in order to ensure immediate and effective reaction   to the required modifications. 

We train you - in Switzerland, in Germany and worldwide. 

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The first minutes after an acute illness or an accident are often the decisive moments. Day in day, IRS is facing the importance of the first aiders and therefore has devoted to support lay persons and professionals. We therefore offer capacious training programs that will prepare the participants for any emergency situation.


In order to give the suitable help to the patient in each complex emergency situation, a profound education and further training is a prerequisite. As the requirements are always changing, it is almost an obligation for professionals of the emergency section to refresh one`s knowledge according to the actual guidelines.


As the operation fields of the emergency services vary, the requirements towards the rescue service crew also modify. In order to meet the new requirements, an adequate basic education should be completed by specialisation options. The further training courses are conform to the national and international requests and will end with an examination and the issuing of certificates.



The AREMT-EMT certificates are recognised training diploma which allow to obtain professional licences in Australia, Oceania, Southeast Asia, China and regions of the United Kingdom. Under certain circumstances, these certificates could facilitate the application of the licence at the recognising authority of the concerned country. However, it can not be guaranteed that the licence will be approved.




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