Trainings from your International Rescue Service

The AREMT-EMT certificates are recognised training diploma which allow to obtain professional licences in Australia, Oceania, Southeast Asia, China and regions of the United Kingdom. Under certain circumstances, these certificates could facilitate the application of the licence at the recognising authority of the concerned country. However, it can not be guaranteed that the licence will be approved.

AREMT is an independent, non-governmental and free organisation whose objective is to promote the recognition of professional certifications in Australia and other countries and to push forward the promotion of the status and the further training of medical personnel.

Due to homogeneous and transparent approval procedures, you have the possibility to register your knowledge and professional trainings - depending on your qualification - in order to obtain one of the certificates in demand. As AREMT is constantly adapting to the changing conditions in the paramedical sector and to the international paramedical curricula, its certificates provide the best-possible conditions.

Following certifications are currently possible: 

  •       AREMT EMT-Basic
  •       AREMT EMT- Intermediate
  •       AREMT EMT-Paramedic
  •       AREMT Flight Paramedic
  •       AREMT Intensive Care Flight Paramedic
  •       AREMT Intensive Care Paramedic

Further information concerning the educational trainings, course schedules and fees upon request.


Seminar consulting and booking

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